airvape-xs-boxYou guessed it – The Airvape Xs!
So what make’s this true convection portable vaporizer so special?

Well, let me provide you with some facts.

Airvape Xs is the thinnest and one of the most advanced dry herb vaporizers of 2017!

You guys might want to start your Christmas shopping early this year because these elegant gadgets are flying off of the shelves.

Airvape Xs would make the perfect Christmas gift vaporizer.  Especially now that Airvape Xs comes in 4 stylish colors – Rose Gold, Red Gold, Midnight Blue and Mystic Grey – You can now pick that special someone’s favorite color for their portable vaporizer!

My favorite is the Rose Gold in case anyone is curious!

This air heating vaporizer, Airvape Xs is simple, sturdy yet detailed body has very easy to use settings with a 1.3 inch screen to display the battery level, the exact temperature and an automatic timer adjustment.

You can choose to have an automatic 2 minute or 5 minute shut off time, which is great that it is automatic for safety purposes.

Also, you get to choose your exact temperature for your portable and rechargeable herb vaporizer up to 428 degrees! Airvape Xs lets you know as soon as your desired temperature is ready by vibrating.  Did I mention how fast the Airvape Xs heats up?  Record time of 20 seconds air heating time.

What else comes with this advanced dry herb vaporizer, Airvape Xs?

Wall mount, USB Charger cable, user manual, cleaning brush, packing tools, rubber mouthpiece cover, leather carrying case with magnetic lid and a limited lifetime warranty!

A smooth hit every time – want your Airvape Xs too?

Coming Soon: Airvape Xs Shell!

The Xs shell makes AirVape water resistant vaporizer and dirt-proof, making a perfect gadget on-the-go if you spend a lot of time outdoors or just simply want a sleek and even more discrete dry herb vaporizer.

The Xs Shell is not only a carry case, it is an extension of the already magical dry herb rechargeable vaporizer, AirVape Xs, because the absolutely minimal size increase when case is on.

The magnetic clip and easy slip-on makes it so convenient, it will basically become part of your vape.  Compatible with all existing Airvape Xs models.

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